Publications Available by Dr. Joe M. Boyd

Remembering the Bible By Acrostics
From the Gridiron to the Gospel (Paperback and Booklet)
Soulwinning Manual
Evangelism Manual
Revival or Revolution
Trail Talks Vol. I - VI

Laugh With Me
Keep Your Line in the Water
Occupy Till I Come!
Assassin at Our Back
The Ten Virgins
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Remembering the Bible by Acrostics - The Pentateuch  

Available for love offering to this ministry.

A proven method of remembering the books of the Bible and their contents by the use of Acrostics. An excellent tool for pastors, teachers and personal study. Written by Dr. Boyd after many years of study.

The Pentateuch
The Historical Books
The Poetical Books
Psalms 119
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
The Gospels
Acts and Paul's Epistles
General Epistles
John's Epistles & Revelation

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From the Gridiron to the Gospel $5.00

This book contains the life testimony of Dr. Joe M. Boyd as well as eight other gospel sermons preached by him. 

Booklet - $1.25

A booklet containing Dr. Boyd's personal testimony.

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Soulwinning Manual How to do it! $12.00

A complete manual on how to win any lost individual to Christ. The book covers soulwinning one on one as well as in groups. Also included are Dr. Boyd's preparation techniques compiled from over half a century of winning souls to Christ.

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Evangelism Manual $12.00

A complete study of all phases of evangelistic work compiled by Dr. Boyd from over a half a century of experience on the revival trail. Includes detailed steps for tent campaigns, church revivals, as well as training seminars.

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Revival or Revolution $3.50

A fact-filled book concerning Socialism and Communism in America. Dr. Boyd spent numerous hours in the library studying for this book.

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Trail Talks Hardcover - $15.00

Spiral Bound - $10.00

A daily journal from Dr. Joe M. Boyd of significant happenings while on the trail for souls. They are sometimes humorous, sometimes educational, but always encouraging. 

Volumes I - VI are available.

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Laugh With Me! $8.00

A collection of amusing anecdotes to brighten your day. In this book Dr. Boyd shares some of the comical experiences he has had while traveling across the country in evangelism. Enjoy laughing with Dr. Boyd over these humorous happenings.

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Keep Your Line in the Water  


Keep Your Line in the Water $8.00

Stirring stories from over 50 years as a soul-winner. In this book Dr. Boyd shares some of the soul-winning experiences he has had while traveling across the country in evangelism. Your heart will be stirred and your life challenged by these true experiences.

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Occupy Till I Come! How to Build a Soul-Winning Center. $1.25

A twenty page booklet full of practical instructions on how to start a soulwinning center. This booklet will help you maximize your efforts in winning the lost to Christ.

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Assassin at Our Back - $.75

A personal account of Dr. Boyd's experience with terrorism while on tour in Jerusalem.

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The Ten Virgins

A study of the passage in Matthew 25:1-13 concerning the ten virgins and the importance of being ready for Jesus' return.

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Nine Peaks of Prophecy

- $5.00

A collection of sermons on the end times.



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