June 7, 2009



Dr. Joe M. Boyd, Evangelist
May 5, 1917 – June 1, 2009

The ole-time religion has produced many evangelists.  When one reflects upon the history of America’s great preachers, Evangelist Dr. Joe M. Boyd will be ranked among the greatest.  He was a statesman of the sermon and a scholar of the Scriptures.  His biblical knowledge made him a theologian; his delivery made him a legend. Dr. Boyd was always on the soul winner’s trail.  He tangled with the devil and wrestled against sin while preaching as an evangelist for almost 70 years.  Dr. Boyd trained hundreds of young evangelists, held thousands of revivals, and saw millions saved.  Those who heard him speak savored the taste of his endless southern colloquialisms.  Whether you met him at home or in public, you would always find him dressed in his best as one of the last of the aristocrats.  Nothing ever slowed him down.  After the home-going of his wife of 62 years, Edith Boyd on July 6, 2000, and Dr. Jack Hyles, his pastor of over 50 years on February 6, 2001, his travels at the age of 84 increased.  He began to travel worldwide with less time at home than ever before in his ministry.  Opposition was never broad enough to make him less loyal to his call or his Saviour.  Even at his age, he began to learn Spanish by attending a three month language school in Mexico and then continuing personal tutoring for several years.  His goal was to preach under tent revivals to the Latin American world.  He would have his sermons written out in Spanish trying to preach without an interpreter.  In Dr. Boyd’s life-time, he preached in every state of the Union and several foreign countries.  His life was fascinating, and was most recognized by his brilliant character and the presence of the power of God. 

Revival was Dr. Boyd’s language, lamp, and landmark.   Revival is the latchet that tied his preaching shoes and the lattice through which he viewed the Saviour.  Revival was his laughter and his law of life.  Revival was what he learned and what he leaned on.  He believed that revival was the right letter to the liberal.  Revival was his license to preach and his liberty in Christ.  Revival was his life, light, and likeness.  He believed that revival revealed the scarlet line of salvation and the linen that makes the best robe.  Revival was his labor, his love, and his life.  If someone were to look for Dr. Boyd to locate him, they would probably find him somewhere conducting a revival.  Revival is how Evangelist Joe Boyd ended his life.   

Dr. Boyd’s life and legacy before preaching was that he was the son of a preacher born in Jacksonville, Texas and raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  He was saved at the age of 12 and called to preach at the age of 27. 

Dr. Boyd was also a natural born athlete and became a great college football hero.  He was an All-American tackle on the Texas A & M National Championship team of 1939 and the 1940 Sugar Bowl.  Today, his name is inscribed in the Texas A & M Hall of Fame, and he is listed in the Sports Illustrated 25th Silver Anniversary Hall of Fame. 

After college, Dr. Boyd was a successful businessman working as a chief assistant accountant at Todd Galveston Shipyard in Texas.  He pastored three churches, served as president of a preacher’s training school, and operated both a Christian grade school and high school.  He also started the Baptist Evangelistic Schools of Texas, better known as B.E.S.T. of Dallas, TX.  He has authored several books and was also a Bible scholar teaching both Greek and Hebrew.

Quite possibly one of his greatest achievements occurred in 1975, in his mid sixties, Dr. Joe Boyd founded the Mt. Salem Revival Grounds in West Union, WV.  Thanks to Dr. Boyd’s vision, which God used, there are now hundreds and thousands of full-time servants, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries worldwide.  We all thank God for the wonderful memories and the legacy of Evangelist Dr. Joe M. Boyd.

I want to thank you all for your faithful prayers and financial support to Dr. Boyd these many years.  He loved you and was grateful for how you helped him in the ministry.

With kind regard,

Dr. Randy E. Taylor


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